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Here at Elegant Headscarves, we cater to all women looking for fun, stylish and trendy headwear.
Each piece is handcrafted with accuracy, care, and an eye for precision. We provide for our customers all types of non-slip headwear. So, you know our product will not budge. Not slip, you ask?! Because each piece has a non-slip headband sewn inside from a sporty day to a full day at work or out to a fancy date night. You will L👁👁K and FEEL Great! The comfort of our products here at Elegant Headscarves is unbelievable! Don’t believe us? Please check out below the testimonials of our satisfied customers!
At Elegant Headscarves, we stand by the 3 E’s: Effortless and Easy Every-time!
At Elegant Headscarves, we stand by the 3 E’s which are: Effortless and Easy Every-time!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer free shipping on orders 60$ or more within the USA orders that are under 60$ we have a flat rate

For sanity purposes, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Everything is a final sale.
If, for some reason, you are not 100% satisfied, please reach out to me, and I will work with you to resolve the matter. Exchange is accepted due ONLY to a defective item or damage. Shipping fees for the original object are not refundable nor negotiable. Return shipping for the new item is the responsibility of the customer.

We recommend you hand wash with cold water and hang dry
We don’t recommend putting it in the washing machine. It can damage the fabric or the making of the product

Each headscarf has an elastic that’s sewn in its stretchy so you can tie it and adjust it to whatever works for you, looser or tighter.

Each headscarf has an elastic that’s sewn in its stretchy so u can tie it and adjust it to whatever works for u looser or tighter.

Yes, you do. Because it has a headband sewn inside, you need to ensure that u make that after u put on the headscarf; make sure to smooth it out make the first knot very tight.

Yes make sure to make your hair in a low tight bun put the headscarf on make the first knot , pull it very tight


Hi I wanted to tell you that B” H I had a baby 2 weeks ago also I really love your headscarf it’s the one I always pull out from all the others def classy and comfortable

Hi I love the headscarf’s I don’t need to worry about fixing them
They were very comfortable

I love the the headscarf I wear them all day and don’t need to worry about fixing it , it’s very comfortable

Obsessed with the headscarf they are so prettier in real

I literally wear your headscarf all the time especially here in Florida it can get very hot literally obsessed with them

I’m obsessed with somone who doesn’t wear wigs and only scarf your scarf are literally the absolute best

I tried wearing the ones I have today without the grip it’s so terrible it keeps slipping back all-day
You are the only ones tried and true non-slip

It’s really so pretty and comfortable

I love the headscarf the colors are so much nicer In person

I loved the headscarf can’t believe it never actually slipped Back it’s so awesome to run around and not have to worry about fixing my headscarf every few minutes I wore it the whole shabbat

I wore it all Friday afternoon loved It so much that I left to my moms house to pack a and I didn’t even bring my wig so comfortable and legit stays on

Love the print of the headscarf and I love how I don’t need to wear a headband underneath it so it doesn’t slide

you totally changed the game with headcovering!
Between sewing the velvet band into the non slip headscarves — this mitzvah became so much more comfortable and easy!
Idk how I ever did it before!!
You’re awesome!

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